Naval Notes

1898 Royal United Services Institution Journal  
NAVAL NOTES. IIo.\~e.-Tlic following nrc tlic principal appointments which Iiavc been rnadc : Commanders-A. €1. Smith-Dorricn Captain-Leslie C. Stuart to I ' Tauranga." t o 'I Alacrity " ; C. 11'. \1'i'iinington-Ingrani to I ' Daphne." The itiorcmcnts of tlic Reserve Squadron seem to be still unscttlcd, but Vice-Admiral Sir C. nomvillc h a s hoisted his flag on board the "Alexandra" a t Portland in command. Tlie "Terrible," having had her defects madc goodand rnadc a satisfactory trial, left
more » ... tory trial, left Portsmouth a t 11 a.111. on tlic 27th ult. for 3Ialta direct, taking out a draft of OZO men for the I ' Camperdown " ; in spite of very rough weather in tlic Bay of Biscay slic avcr.iged 19 knots per hour to Gibraltar, the engines developing 18,503-I.H.P. ; from Gibraltar to Malta she averaged 80 to '72 knots, dthougli owing to hot bearings slie lint1 to proceed with tlie port cnginc alone for some hours, tiinking 14 knots, but shc nci.crthcIcss arrived a t Malta on the O n J inst., having inade the passage in six clays, a t an average speed of IS k n o t s ; she brings the relievccl men of the "Camperdo\rii" to Englatld. The first-class cruiser " Etlpn'r" commissioned a t Dcvotiport on tlie 1st ult., and left Plymouth on tlie lWi ult. for China with relicf crews for the I ' Dapline," ' I Pigmy," ' I Plover," and " Redpole." The " Devastation " left Plymouth on the 1Sth ult. to take up her duties as port-guard-ship a t Gibraltar. The second-class criiiscrs I' r l s t r x a " and Forte" arrived a t l'lyniouth from tlic Mediterranean on tlie 17th ult. ; they will pay off at Devonport and Chathani rcspcctircly. The first-class cruiser I' Blake " arrived a t Plymouth on tlic 29th ult. from the Clianncl Squadron, and paid off on the 5th inst., her oficers and crew turning ovcr to tlic new first-class cruiser " Niobc." The third-class cruiser " Cordclia" arrived a t Portsmouth on the 19th lilt., from tlie North Anicricanand \Vest Indian station ; she will pay offat that port ; her place is to be taken by a sistcr-ship, the 'I Comus," which is to be conltiiissioned in January. The first-class cruiser " Blenhcim " wit11 the paid-off crew of the "Barfleur " arrived at I'lymoutli from Chinaon the 7th ult. and paid off a t Chathatii on theO5th tilt. The t!lird-class cruiser I ' Brisk" commissioned a t Chat1i:tm on t h e 10th ult. for service on the China station, and sailed on the 30th lilt. for her destination. The third-class cruiser "Scout" arrived a t Portsmouth on the 32th ult. from thc illcditerranenn and will pay off at that port. Sfcnm 7'rinls.-The first-class cruiser ' I Argonaut " has commenced her steam trials, and the results of the 30 hours' coal-consumption trial, a t 3,GOO-I.H.P., arc as follows:-Draught of ivntcr, 24 feet 3 inches forward, OG feet 3 inclies a f t ; speed of ship, 12.5 knots; steam prcssirrc in boilers, 2% Ibs. pcr square inch ; vacuum in condensers, 0 4 9 starboard, 83.4 port ; revolutions per minute, 74.4 starbo?rd, 74,s port ; incan I.H.P., 1,915 smrboard, 1 , S U, 3,75G; consuniption of coal, O39,OSO Ibs., or 2.13 Ibs. per I.H.P. per hour. Tlie new first-class cruiser I' Andromeda " has also commenccd her trials, The results of her 30 hours' coal-consumption trial were as follo\vs :--Draught of water, 24 fcct 2 inches forward and 06 feet G inches aft; steam in boilers, 1% Ibs. ; vacuum in condensers, 15.2 inclies starboarc! and 26 inchcs.port. T h e mean I.H.P. of the 30 hours was 3,359, with 70.15 revolutions starboard and GS.33 port. The mean speed \\-as 12.9 knots, and the coal consumption worked out a t 1.0s Ibs. per H.P. pcr hour. A'c:c Iiirr-Sloops.-Tlic new sloops which are to be coiiinieticcd at Sheerness, when the clock in which the "Condor" and " Rosario" are being built is vacant, a r c to be named the ' I Slicarwater " and the "\'cstal." They will be of a similar type to the Condor" and ' I Rosario," thcir priiicipnl dimensions being :-Lengtli, 1SO feet ; b e a n~, 32 feet 106 inches; ~~~c a n load draught, 11 fcct G inches ; displacement, OSO tons. Their engines will be of the triple-ekpansion Downloaded by []
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