MHD Heat Transfer in Two-Layered Flow of Conducting Fluids through a Channel Bounded by Two Parallel Porous Plates in a Rotating System

T. Linga Raju, B. Neela Rao
2016 International Journal of Applied Mechanics and Engineering  
The paper aims to analyze the heat transfer aspects of a two-layered fluid flow in a horizontal channel under the action of an applied magnetic and electric fields, when the whole system is rotated about an axis perpendicular to the flow. The flow is driven by a common constant pressure gradient in the channel bounded by two parallel porous insulating plates, one being stationary and the other one oscillatory. The fluids in the two regions are considered electrically conducting, and are assumed
more » ... to be incompressible with variable properties, namely, different densities, viscosities, thermal and electrical conductivities. The transport properties of the two fluids are taken to be constant and the bounding plates are maintained at constant and equal temperature. The governing partial differential equations are then reduced to the ordinary linear differential equations by using a two-term series. The temperature distributions in both fluid regions of the channel are derived analytically. The results are presented graphically to discuss the effect on the heat transfer characteristics and their dependence on the governing parameters, i.e., the Hartmann number, Taylor number, porous parameter, and ratios of the viscosities, heights, electrical and thermal conductivities. It is observed that, as the Coriolis forces become stronger, i.e., as the Taylor number increases, the temperature decreases in the two fluid regions. It is also seen that an increase in porous parameter diminishes the temperature distribution in both the regions.
doi:10.1515/ijame-2016-0038 fatcat:6fgkl5ibzffynhxmawqotolsja