Evolution the effect of spraying before harvest polyamines on some physicochemical traits and vase life of cut rose flowers (Rosa Hybrids) cv. grand prix

Zohre Razm Avar
In this research, effects of polyamine(putrescine, spermine and spermidine) on cut Rose was studied. PA each one in 100and 200 ppm and their combinations with sucrose(3%) and silver nanoparticles(4 mg/l-1) were tested as preservative mixture. This study was conducted in a factorial experiment with complete randomized design and the evaluated traits included relative fresh Wight, flower diameter, solution uptake, leaf total chlorophyll, SOD enzyme activity and vase life. The results shown that
more » ... creased level of spermine to 200 ppm of this polyamine result in increase of SOD content, flower diameter, vase life, leaf total chlorophyll and solution uptake.