Infamis etiam campio non esse potest. Kämpen in deutschen und italienischen Städten des Spätmittelalters zwischen Marginalität und Rechtspflege [article]

Christian Jaser, Humboldt-Universität Zu Berlin
Historical research on the complex legal and social roles of medieval mercenary champions hired as proxies to fight in judicial duels has long been dominated by simplistic categorisations and static repetitions of their reputed infamy. Concentrating on account books and statutes of late medieval German and Italian cities, this article seeks, in contrast, to reconstruct the dynamic institutionalisation and control of civic champions. Thereby, their ambiguous perception reveals a complex
more » ... between marginality, enhancement of their status as legal agents and a latent suspiciousness regarding their peculiar representational role.
doi:10.18452/22774 fatcat:suvnxjh6rzfgjbmq2kkgm65soq