Effect of Reduction Atmosphere on Structure and Catalytic Performance of PtIn/Mg(Al)O/ZnO for Propane Dehydrogenation

Ming Zhang, Zhen Song, Mengquan Guo, Xiangxiang Li, Yanjun Lin, Lihong Zhang
2020 Catalysts  
The effect of reduction atmospheres, H2/N2, C3H8/H2/N2, C3H8 and CO, on the structure and propane direct dehydrogenation performance of PtIn/Mg(Al)O/ZnO catalyst derived from ZnO-supported PtIn-hydrotalcite was studied. The physicochemical properties of the as-prepared and used catalytic system were characterized by various characterization methods. The results show that the dehydrogenation performance, especially the stability of the PtIn/Mg(Al)O/ZnO catalyst, was significantly improved along
more » ... tly improved along with the change in reduction atmosphere. The highest catalytic activity (51% of propane conversion and 97% propylene selectivity), resistance toward coke deposition, and stability for more than 30 h were achieved with the H2/N-reduced catalyst. The optimal dehydrogenation performance and coke resistance are mainly related to the high Pt dispersion and In0/In3+ molar ratio, strong Pt–In interaction and small metal particle size, depending on the nature of the reduction atmospheres. The reconstruction of meixnerite favors the stability and coke resistance to some extent.
doi:10.3390/catal10050485 fatcat:fhoabnf75jfwxhieundz2q7f6e