Franklin T. Jones
1915 School Science and Mathematics  
If a circle be circumscribed about a triangle, the points in which tangents at the vertices meet the opposite sides lie on the same straight line. 418. Proposed by H. C. McMillin, Washington, Kansas. ABC is a right-angled triangle, B is the right angle, BL is the perpendicular to AC. On the side of BC remote from A, the square BCDE is described, and the line AD cuts BL in M. Prove that -^r == -*? + -or * 419. Proposed by W. A. Tippie, Troy, Ohio. A cylindrical tank is 10 feet in diameter and
more » ... in diameter and has ends which are hemispheres of the same diameter. Its total length is 60 feet. If it is lying in a horizontal position, how many gallons of water will be required to fill it to a depth of two feet? Trigonometry. 420. Proposed by fames H. Weaver, West Chester, Pa. If a dodecahedron and an icosahedron are inscribed in the same sphere, the triangular face of the icosahedron and the pentagonal face of the dodecahedron may be inscribed in the same circle. SCIENCE QUESTIONS.
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