AffWild Net and Aff-Wild Database [article]

Alvertos Benroumpi, Dimitrios Kollias
2019 arXiv   pre-print
Emotions recognition is the task of recognizing people's emotions. Usually it is achieved by analyzing expression of peoples faces. There are two ways for representing emotions: The categorical approach and the dimensional approach by using valence and arousal values. Valence shows how negative or positive an emotion is and arousal shows how much it is activated. Recent deep learning models, that have to do with emotions recognition, are using the second approach, valence and arousal. Moreover,
more » ... a more interesting concept, which is useful in real life is the "in the wild" emotions recognition. "In the wild" means that the images analyzed for the recognition task, come from from real life sources(online videos, online photos, etc.) and not from staged experiments. So, they introduce unpredictable situations in the images, that have to be modeled. The purpose of this project is to study the previous work that was done for the "in the wild" emotions recognition concept, design a new dataset which has as a standard the "Aff-wild" database, implement new deep learning models and evaluate the results. First, already existing databases and deep learning models are presented. Then, inspired by them a new database is created which includes 507.208 frames in total from 106 videos, which were gathered from online sources. Then, the data are tested in a CNN model based on CNN-M architecture, in order to be sure about their usability. Next, the main model of this project is implemented. That is a Regression GAN which can execute unsupervised and supervised learning at the same time. More specifically, it keeps the main functionality of GANs, which is to produce fake images that look as good as the real ones, while it can also predict valence and arousal values for both real and fake images. Finally, the database created earlier is applied to this model and the results are presented and evaluated.
arXiv:1910.05376v2 fatcat:hmrfxdh55vcmbl7msoipgy33du