A Self-Learning Mechanism-Based Approach to Helicopter Entry and Departure Recognition

Zonglei Lyu, Xuepeng Chang, Wei An, Tong Yu
2022 Sensors  
In order to accurately record the entry and departure times of helicopters and reduce the incidence of general aviation accidents, this paper proposes a helicopter entry and departure recognition method based on a self-learning mechanism, which is supplemented by a lightweight object detection module and an image classification module. The original image data obtained from the lightweight object detection module are used to construct an Automatic Selector of Data (Auto-SD) and an Adjustment
more » ... uator of Data Bias (Ad-EDB), whereby Auto-SD automatically generates a pseudo-clustering of the original image data. Ad-EDB then performs the adjustment evaluation and selects the best matching module for image classification. The self-learning mechanism constructed in this paper is applied to the helicopter entry and departure recognition scenario, and the ResNet18 residual network is selected for state classification. As regards the self-built helicopter entry and departure data set, the accuracy reaches 97.83%, which is 6.51% better than the bounding box detection method. To a certain extent, the strong reliance on manual annotation for helicopter entry and departure status classification scenarios is lifted, and the data auto-selector is continuously optimized using the preorder classification results to establish a circular learning loop in the algorithm.
doi:10.3390/s22207852 fatcat:jmxcdwvjwfc53aituw4oabvzt4