Designing the Puberty Health Curriculum for Girl Students of Secondary Education in Iran

Fatemeh Askarinejad, Maryam Kian, Seyed Saeed, Mazloomy Mahmoodabad
Puberty as a stage of life is an important developmental process. Puberty health education aims at creating positive behavior change in adolescents and helps them adopt and maintain healthy behaviors. The purpose of this study is to design a puberty health curriculum for secondary girl students in Iran. Methods: A survey method was conducted. The studied population included all university curriculum planners, health experts as well as health professionals in Yazd secondary schools. A census
more » ... ling was used and a total of 28 experts was selected. The research instrument was a researcher-made questionnaire that its validity and reliability were determined. Data were analyzed by SPSS software using indicators such as central tendency and one-sample t-test. Results: The results showed that puberty health curriculum has some key components regarding objectives, contents, teaching methods and evaluation methods. In addition, the validity of the designed curriculum was confirmed at %99 level. Conclusion: As many parents refuse to explain to their children about puberty because of cultural barriers, so school education and curriculum in this area is much more important. In this study, puberty health curriculum for girl students was designed and confirmed and it was suggested as an independent course for secondary education in Iran.