Experimental and numerical investigation of double bulge tube hydroforming

M Gheisary, F Djavanroodi
This paper aims to establish a basic understanding of double bulge tube hydroforming process of stainless steel deep drawn cups. The method is briefly reviewed by carrying outexperimental tests and Finite element analysis. After measuring bulge height in both formed curves by CMM and thickness variation of formed tube by ultrasonic thickness measurement unit, it's found out that thickness variation in this process is less that other traditional methods such as traditional spinning and rubber
more » ... nning and rubber pad forming. A finite element model is constructed to simulate the double bulge tube hydroforming process and asses the influence of friction coefficient and tube material properties. It is found that material hardening coefficient had the most significant influence on formability characteristics during double bulge tube hydroforming. As similar as other tube hydroforming processes, increasing friction decrease bulge height and thickness.