EFL young learners with dyslexia in Greece: an evaluative case study of the suitability of curriculum and teaching materials based on DI and MSL principles and suggestions for improvement

Μαρία Ναούμ Ζαλαμήτσου
The current research constitutes an evaluative case study of the Greek EFL instruction in the third grade of elementary school and particularly of the curriculum guidelines offered to teachers as well as the provided teaching materials for the case of young learners with dyslexia (LWD) attending the typical classroom. The evaluation is conducted through the lens of DI and MSL approaches, as previous research has demonstrated that they are highly beneficial for these learners. Furthermore, the
more » ... aluation employed a custom-designed series of matrices that include the major principles of DI and MSL and results were demonstrated in a positive, partially positive or negative manner. Results indicated an overall inconsistency of the two educational aspects with the principles of DI and MSL, with several partially fulfilled and some completely fulfilled items. Furthermore, mixed outcomes were evident within the two data sources and major divergences between them were also present. The findings, thus, underscored the unsuitability of several aspects of the curriculum and the teaching materials for LWD, regarding their inclusion in the typical classroom. They also demonstrated the discrepancy between these two data sources. Finally, several suggestions for improvement and ways of applying them were presented, as adaptations on the currently employed textbook series, Magic Book 2.
doi:10.26262/heal.auth.ir.301376 fatcat:lyqdr3bsazepfj3k2f6qmwaowq