The Promise of Dielectric Nanocomposites

J.K. Nelson
Conference Record of the 2006 IEEE International Symposium on Electrical Insulation  
Several research groups worldwide have now been able to document some significant improvements that can be made in the electrical, and other, properties of polymer composites through the incorporation of nanoparticulates. Although it is now becoming clear that the mechanisms responsible for these changes are by no means universal, some of the benefits are substantial and rely on the large interface areas which are inherent in the introduction of materials of nanometric dimensions. By examining
more » ... variety of nanomaterials, this contribution seeks to review the property changes that can be brought about and examines the possibilities for commercial applications. This involves not only the electrical properties, but the implications for the attendant mechanical characteristics and the polymer processing necessary for utilization of this emerging breed of dielectric material. In this context, the functionalization of the particulate surfaces to provide preferential coupling to the host polymer will be explored since, by this means, a degree of preferred assembly can be accommodated. Through experimental examples, the use of this technique to tailor the properties of nanodielectrics is illustrated. 100 nm 15 nm (Volume of interface/ total polymer volume) Loading, (volume fraction)
doi:10.1109/elinsl.2006.1665355 fatcat:tfmzcmdoobdblhfib44oxxh4ga