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Vadim S. Kiselev
2017 Vestnik Gosudarstvennogo universiteta morskogo i rechnogo flota imeni admirala S O Makarova  
The article reflects about declaration of the shipment weight of reliable data before loading the containers on board the vessel, as well as after unloading. The paper analyzes the methods of declaring the weight of a shipment for a sea carrier at the port of loading by the shipper of cargo, which was implemented by the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea in November 2014. There was made the conclusion as the result about the need to develop the basic methods of weighing the
more » ... argo consignment. Along with, it demonstrates statistics of the global container industry in the figures for 2013, 2014 and 2015, which proof the adequacy of the administration to declare the weight of cargo in container unit prior to the process of loading on board the container vessel in the liner shipping industry. There is described and analyzed the procedure of declaring VGM, approved by the International Maritime Organization. There is also noted the additional result, which could arise due to the late submission of VGM declaration to a sea carrier, as well as sanctions in the submission of false data at the port of discharging. It was found that the way of choosing the right method for weighting by the consignor (exporter) is depended from the type of cargo transported in a different types of a containers. The author has proposed a few suggestions for solving the problem on the import directions of the containers flow, namely: from Europe to the Russian Federation. The unification of the method of researching data on the import cargo direction might solve the problem of a willful false data of the cargo weight, which, in their turn, directly proportional to be effected to the amount of mandatory customs payments by the importer account to the state budget of Russia.
doi:10.21821/2309-5180-2017-9-1-74-80 fatcat:bxjetafijjbv7kltliwj6oohxe