Interspecific hybrids between cultural sunflower Helianthus annuus L. and Helianthus salicifolius L.: Morphological and biochemical characterization

J. Encheva, M. Christov
2006 Helia  
The direct organogenesis method in immature F 1 hybrid embryos from sunflower used for the first time in a study, was successfully applied for production of new forms from the intergeneric cross Helianthus annuus L. (cv. Albena) × H. salicifolius. A considerable number of new sunflower lines were produced after self-pollination and individual selection. Agronomic traits such as oil content in seed, 1000 seed weight, plant height, leaf width, leaf length, number of leaves, length of petiole
more » ... , internode length, head diameter, stem diameter, diameter of branch head, number of branches, length of branches, number of ray florets, seed width, seed length, and seed thickness were investigated. After characterization of the hybrid progenies according to the indices, the conclusion can be drawn that lines 107 R, 114 R and 120 R show 76.5% intermediate phenotype in comparison with the two parental forms. The positive change was 15.5% and the negative change was 21.5%. Some of the new restorer lines were successfully used in heterosis breeding of sunflower.
doi:10.2298/hel0645107e fatcat:djqcb7qmvjfdxjw66gyte25bse