Quadrupole moments and mean square charge radii in the bismuth isotope chain

J. Kilgallon, M.R. Pearson, J. Billowes, P. Campbell, U. Georg, I.S. Grant, M. Keim, R. Neugart, M. Neuroth, S. Wilbert
1997 Physics Letters B  
Isotope shifts and hyperne structures of the 205;206;208;210;210m;212;213 Bi isotopes have been studied on the 306.7nm line using gas cell laser spectroscopy. The neutron{ rich isotopes are the rst isotones of Pb to be measured immediately above the N=126 shell closure. The ground state quadrupole moments of the even{N isotopes increase as neutrons are added or removed from the N=126 shell, but no corresponding increase is observed in the charge radii.
doi:10.1016/s0370-2693(97)00606-0 fatcat:k55pvh2a3naqday6nybrv7dcvu