Immunohistochemical study of the inflammatory response of the dental pulp

Ana Sotirovska Ivkovska, Efka Zabokova-Bilbilova, Zlatko Georgiev, Ljube Ivkovski
2015 Makedonsko Farmacevtski Bilten  
Defense reactions of the dental pulp involve a variety of biological reactions, in which the immune system plays a very important role. The class II major histocompatibility complex (MHC) molecule expressing cells, termed dendritic cells and lymphocytes in human dental pulp are highly sensitive to exogenous antigenic stimuli. Their drastic changes in number and localization are induced by dental caries. This study investigated the responses of the immune system in two different clinical
more » ... ns: shallow and deep cavities. Cells were identified immunohistochemically by using the following monoclonal antibodies: HLA-DR, CD45RO and CD20. Initial pulpal response was characterized by a localized accumulation of HLA-DR antibody-positive cells in the pulp tissue beneath the dentinal tubules communicating with the caries lesion. In the pulp of progressed caries, a large number of HLA-DR-positive cells was observed with a marked increase of other kinds of immunocompetent cells. This might indicate the occurrence of antigen presentation locally in the pulp tissue, which is very important for the immune response. Results obtained in this study demonstrated that dental pulps respond to the progression of the carious lesion and cellular and humoral immune responses occur in the pulp tissue.
doi:10.33320/maced.pharm.bull.2015.61.02.004 fatcat:4xajyqg3ircltktrerbinh4pdu