Measurement of inclusive production of neutral pions at high transverse momentum. [100 to 300 GeV/c, scaling] [report]

A Ogawa
1978 unpublished
i Dedicated to my father Fremont T. Ogawa my first teacher ii ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS I wish to acknowledge the contributions of the people who were most helpful to me in the course of this experiment and in the writing and preparation of my thesis. The collaborators listed below were all important to the success of the experiment. 1 would additionally like to thank the staff of Fermilab and the Meson Area in particular for their fine support and cooperation. The data analysis was done by H.A. Gordon,
more » ... one by H.A. Gordon, G.J. Donaldson, I. Stumer and me at BNL, where I enjoyed the hospitality of the Omega Group. Some of the drawings in this thesis were originally prepared for publication at BNL. A.C. Helmholtz and R. Kenney were my advisors and my source of support at LBL. They along with W. Fretter and L. Moretto comprised my thesis committee, I am grateful to them and to H.A. Gordon and G.J. Donaldson for reading the manuscript and for many helpful suggestions. In the preparation of the manuscript, I thank Cita Symons for editing and typing and Tim Daly for drawing many of the figures. This work was done with the financial support of the taxpayers of The United States of America through the High Energy Physics Division of the U.S. Department of Energy under Contract W-7405-ENG-48. iii FOREWORD TO THE READER It was my intention in writing this thesis that it be readable not only by the members of the thesis committee but also by a wider audience which may include beginning graduate students. To this end, I have included the definitions of the most important specialized concepts in the text and have written several supplements to introduce particularly specialized areas to the non-expert. Those very detailed discussions which I judged to be of interest only to specialists appear as appendices. The style I haze used may appear strange to those who like the use of the passive voice and avoid the use of the first person singular. Objective distance notwithstanding, however, I think that a statement like "Data were collected by polling a random sample of subjects at ..." does not serve as well as "I handed out questionnaires to people on the street". The result is, I believe, more natural, personal and easily understood.
doi:10.2172/6362434 fatcat:v2wh4j4dx5dlhjmd3j4ar37tfi