Effect of Amino Acids on Growths of Singh's Aedes albopictus Cells and Japanese Encephalitis Virus

Akira Igarashi, Fuyoko Sasao, Konosuke Fukai
UMA{ARY " Non-essential " amino acids \\, ere found to stimulate the growth of Singh's Hedes a/hop, 'cti, s (SA) cells and that of Japanese encephalitis virus (IEV) in SA cells. Serine and, to a lesser extent, proline were required for maximal growth of SA cells, when cultivated with Eagle's minimal essential medium (MEM) supplemented wit1} 107, non-dialyzed calf serum. On the other hand, growth of IEV in SA cells was stimulated by proline and, to a lesser extent, by glycine in madi"in for irus
more » ... g", wth (2% colf serum in MEM). Growth of IE\I in BHK21 cells did not depend on these amino acids.
doi:10.18910/82690 fatcat:5jmrq7ug4famvetgxk3zjd7qju