Wijsman Orlicz Asymptotically Ideal -Statistical Equivalent Sequences

Bipan Hazarika
2013 Journal of Function Spaces and Applications  
An ideal is a family of subsets of positive integers which is closed under taking finite unions and subsets of its elements. In this paper, we introduce a new definition of asymptotically ideal -statistical equivalent sequence in Wijsman sense and present some definitions which are the natural combination of the definition of asymptotic equivalence, statistical equivalent, -statistical equivalent sequences in Wijsman sense. Finally, we introduce the notion of Cesaro Orlicz asymptotically
more » ... ymptotically -equivalent sequences in Wijsman sense and establish their relationship with other classes.
doi:10.1155/2013/257181 fatcat:3z26wrxs7jbv5hgpanwtgz24xm