Job Scheduling for Energy Efficiency Using Artificial Bee Colony through Virtualization

Kavita Sultanpure, Lakkam Reddy
2018 International Journal of Intelligent Engineering and Systems  
Virtualization is used for saving energy, cost and is run for multiple applications using various operating systems on the same server at the same time. Thus, it increases the CPU utilization, efficiency and flexibility of the computer hardware. This paper presents the concept of job scheduling for energy efficiency using Artificial Bee Colony (ABC) by utilizing virtual migration concept in addition to broadcasting of requests. Due to the fact that the virtual migration concept helps a lot in
more » ... nagement of the scheduling in cloud computing, so, the validations of job scheduling and service level agreement (SLA) violations with and without virtual migrations are opted in this work. In the initial phase, when server gets the requests for task execution, then the sub-servers (S1, S2, ..., Sn), executes that requests (R1, R2,...Rn) irrespective of the main server. When the load at sub-servers increased, then the usage of virtual migration machines is executed, so that the jobs can be implemented equally. Two types of energy has been obtained in the work, first, which is utilized for the execution of the task and second, when virtual migrations creates energy reduction of overall energy (E= E1, E2...En). So, for given interval of time, the creation energy for virtual migrations came out to be less than the allocation energy of virtual migrations for jobs, to have better accuracy. At last, the comparison of proposed work, with existing work is provided. In the existing work, we have considered the papers that evaluate SLA violation and job scheduling by using neural network (NN) and genetic algorithm (GA). The SLA violation of ABC algorithm with respect to GA is reduced by 10% whereas SLA violation of ABC algorithm with respect to NN is reduced by 15%. Job scheduling of ABC algorithm with respect to NN is improved by 15%.
doi:10.22266/ijies2018.0630.15 fatcat:vb3sotno4jcsdgcnorljv3jctu