Examination of the measurement/visualization technique of the dark smoke space by the millimeter wave radar
B123 ミリ波レーダによる濃煙空間の計測・可視化手法の検討

Yukio Omine, Masaki Sakai, Yoshimitsu Aoki, Mikio Takagi
2004 Transactions of Visualization Society of Japan  
In this paper, we aim at visualizing smoke-filled space in front of fire crews using millimetric wave radar sensor. Our proposed system is composed of the millimetric-wave radar, a stereo camera, and gyroscope sensor attached on them. Millimetric-wave has a property of filtering out smoke. The FM-CW millimetric-wave radar can output a 2D reflection density values from obstacles for one-time scanning in invisible space. As for visible space by eyesight, we utilize the 3D stereo camera which can
more » ... apture a 3D distance map with color information in an angular field of view. Both of the sensors have the capable of real-time scanning (10 frames/sec), and we manually operate them to scan target space. The scanned frame data is stored with 3D direction information from a gyroscope sensor. To construct the 3D space map, we integrate the 2D maps from the millimetric-wave radar and the 3D maps from the stereo camera using the gyroscope data.
doi:10.3154/jvs.24.supplement2_75 fatcat:ciqvvk5c4rbsbfia2bezdehpfa