Discrete breathers in a nonlinear electric line: Modeling, computation, and experiment

F. Palmero, L. Q. English, J. Cuevas, R. Carretero-González, P. G. Kevrekidis
2011 Physical Review E  
We study experimentally and numerically the existence and stability properties of discrete breathers in a periodic nonlinear electric line. The electric line is composed of single cell nodes, containing a varactor diode and an inductor, coupled together in a periodic ring configuration through inductors and driven uniformly by a harmonic external voltage source. A simple model for each cell is proposed by using a nonlinear form for the varactor characteristics through the current and
more » ... dependence on the voltage. For an electrical line composed of 32 elements, we find the regions, in driver voltage and frequency, where n-peaked breather solutions exist and characterize their stability. The results are compared to experimental measurements with good quantitative agreement. We also examine the spontaneous formation of n-peaked breathers through modulational instability of the homogeneous steady state. The competition between different discrete breathers seeded by the modulational instability eventually leads to stationary n-peaked solutions whose precise locations is seen to sensitively depend on the initial conditions.
doi:10.1103/physreve.84.026605 pmid:21929126 fatcat:7xcau7fxanfsladmagntean2s4