MHD Free Convection-Radiation Interaction in a Porous Medium - Part I: Numerical Investigation

B. Vasu, R.S.R. Gorla, P.V.S.N. Murthy, V.R. Prasad, O.Anwar Bég, S. Siddiqa
2020 International Journal of Applied Mechanics and Engineering  
A numerical investigation of two dimensional steady magnetohydrodynamics heat and mass transfer by laminar free convection from a radiative horizontal circular cylinder in a non-Darcy porous medium is presented by taking into account the Soret/Dufour effects. The boundary layer conservation equations, which are parabolic in nature, are normalized into non-similar form and then solved numerically with the well-tested, efficient, implicit, stable Keller–Box finite-difference scheme. We use simple
more » ... central difference derivatives and averages at the mid points of net rectangles to get finite difference equations with a second order truncation error. We have conducted a grid sensitivity and time calculation of the solution execution. Numerical results are obtained for the velocity, temperature and concentration distributions, as well as the local skin friction, Nusselt number and Sherwood number for several values of the parameters. The dependency of the thermophysical properties has been discussed on the parameters and shown graphically. The Darcy number accelerates the flow due to a corresponding rise in permeability of the regime and concomitant decrease in Darcian impedance. A comparative study between the previously published and present results in a limiting sense is found in an excellent agreement.
doi:10.2478/ijame-2020-0013 fatcat:dfhpnbqe5ncl7gcihbx2qo7ttu