Comparative Evaluation of Surface Temperature among Rooftop Colors of Flat Roof Building Models : Towards Performance Evaluation of Cool Roof
평지붕 건물 축소모형의 지붕색에 대한 표면 온도의 비교평가: 쿨루프 성능평가 차원에서

Taek Hyoung Ryu, Jung-Sup Um
2013 Journal of the Korea Institute of Ecological Architecture and Environment  
Cool roofs are currently being emerged as one of important mechanism to save energy in relation to the building. It is specifically proposed that the changing trends of rooftop surface temperature in the flat roof building model could be used effectively as an indicator to reduced cooling load reduced by cool roof since it can present stable temperature record, that is not influenced according to the nearby physical as well as human variables. The temperature of cool roof in summer was lower
more » ... und 20 ℃, compared to the general roofs. Such a seasonal or daily comparative study for rooftop temperature in the building model will highlight that the cool roof efficiency could be calculated in much area-wide context according to rooftop color distribution in urban residential area. It is anticipated that this research output could be used as a valuable reference in identifying energy saving by cool roof since an objective monitoring has been proposed based on the rooftop temperature in the building model, fully quantitative performance of thermal infrared image. 키워드 : 쿨루프. 건물모형, 표면온도, 지붕색상
doi:10.12813/kieae.2013.13.6.083 fatcat:owtwpi3m55fkjmcokdbrcwt66m