A Keno Trailed Vessel from the Spoonbill Site in Wood County, Texas

Mark Walters
1998 Index of Texas Archaeology Open Access Grey Literature from the Lone Star State  
A Keno Trailed vessel was discovered by J. A. Walters in 1967 at the Spoonbill Caddo site (41WD109) on the east side of Caney Creek in Wood County, Texas. The site is on a terrace 0.75 miles from Caney Creek, and 0.5 miles east of Crane Lake, a natural lake in the Caney Creek floodplain. The Spoonbill site was later investigated by Southern Methodist University archaeologists in 1 CJ79, prior to the creation of Lake Fork Reservoir. During construction of the reservoir, the portion of the site
more » ... cavated by Mr. Walters was destroyed by new road construction. Mr. Walters excavated a cemetery containing 15 burials (covering a 16-21 m diameter area), laid out in an east-west direction. The Keno Trailed vessel was from grave lot #8. Other grave goods included Harleton Appliqued, Simms Engraved (hub-cap variety), Nash Neck Banded, and Taylor Engraved, along with a clay elbow pipe.
doi:10.21112/.ita.1998.1.35 fatcat:dzsfgowx2zgxzcerzsqyezeqiy