Fat, Black, and Butch: The Use of Internet Nudes to Resist Rac-ism and Practice 'Erotic Therapy'

Gabriela Loureiro
2017 Graduate Journal of Social Science   unpublished
The cyberspace and its participatory culture are frequently seen as a potential place where marginalised groups could tell their stories the way they see (Hughes, 2012). Given that Black women deal with an interlocking system of oppressions, one Black feminist in Brazil is creating new ways to deal with such oppressions in the digital sphere through the Internet nude. Raquel, a Black Brazilian woman living in Brazil who is also lesbian and fat, posts her nude on social media as a political
more » ... as a political statement about body positivity and anti-racist aesthetics. Based on a discourse analysis of an interview with Raquel about what the nude means to her, a couple of questions are raised: What are the opportunities and the limitations offered by the cyberspace to subvert social norms? What does the online backlash that Raquel suffered tell us about how the Black female body is constructed in public media in Brazil? What does her continued desire to use nude photos tell us about the potential within this act of taking nude selfies? In a time of continuous digitalisation, with the ongoing development of new medias, the ways in which these processes happen to affect socialisation and subjectivities, it is necessary to go beyond the idea that the image is merely in-formational and explore its potential for affect and transformation of perceptive and affective structures of everyday life (Hansen, 2004). New technologies give us the opportunity to rethink the relations between affect, embodiment,