Response of the adjacent bone tissue on open-porous scaffolds applied for segmental defects – numerical simulation of bone remodelling

Jan Wieding, René Jonas, Robert Souffrant, Rainer Bader
2013 Biomedical Engineering  
Numerical simulation of the remodelling process within the adjacent bone tissue for open-porous titanium implants have been investigated in this study. Stiffness of the implants has been varied in order to characterize the response of the mechanical stimulus. Distribution of the new formed bone changed as well as the amount of the new formed bone increased due to the decrease of the implant stiffness. Numerical results were found to be in good agreement with results obtained from in-vivo data.
doi:10.1515/bmt-2013-4360 pmid:24043043 fatcat:qfhit4y2d5eflhq2kabun5lrji