An Object Detection and Scaling Model for Plastic Waste Sorting

Abhishek Padalkar, Pramod Pathak, Paul Stynes
2021 Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on AI for People: Towards Sustainable AI, CAIP 2021, 20-24 November 2021, Bologna, Italy   unpublished
Plastic waste sorting involves the separation of plastic into its individual plastic types. This research proposes an Object Detection and Scaling Model for plastic waste sorting to detect four types of plastics using the WaDaBa dataset. This research compares the Object Detection and Scaling Models Scaled-Yolov4 and EfficientDet. Results demonstrate that Scaled-Yolov4-CSP outperforms the state of the art, Colour-Histogram based Canny-Edge-Gaussian Filter, by 21% accuracy.
doi:10.4108/eai.20-11-2021.2314204 fatcat:pfha4koxbzhdnb4xa5aexdk6te