Theory of enhancement of thermoelectric properties of materials with nanoinclusions

Sergey V. Faleev, François Léonard
2008 Physical Review B  
Based on the concept of band bending at metal/semiconductor interfaces as an energy filter for electrons, we present a theory for the enhancement of the thermoelectric properties of semiconductor materials with metallic nanoinclusions. We show that the Seebeck coefficient can be significantly increased due to a strongly energy-dependent electronic scattering time. By including phonon scattering, we find that the enhancement of ZT due to electron scattering is important for high doping, while at
more » ... low doping it is primarily due to a decrease in the phonon thermal conductivity.
doi:10.1103/physrevb.77.214304 fatcat:jpp6r6p3rvdxnau243qza4a77q