Studies of blood pressures in children, ages 5-14 years, in a total biracial community: the Bogalusa Heart Study

A W Voors, T A Foster, R R Frerichs, L S Webber, G S Berenson
1976 Circulation  
Blood pressure, height, weight, maturation, triceps skinfold thickness, serum lipids, and hemoglobin were measured as risk factors for coronary artery disease in 3,524 children (93% of the eligible population) in Bogalusa, Louisiana. Nine blood pressures were taken on each child by trained observers with mercury sphygmomanometers (Baumanoneter) and Physomerics automatic recorders in a rigid randomized design in a relaxed atmosphere with other children present. The pressures observed were low
more » ... pared to reported From the 319 data. Black children had significantly higher blood pressures than white childre.i. This difference, starting before age 10, was largest in the children in the upper five percent of the pressure ranks. Stepwise multiple regression analysis revealed that this racial difference was significant when measured by an automatic recorder. Body size, expressed by height and by weight/height' index, was a strong determinant of blood pressure level. Other positive determinants were blood hemoglobin and external maturation. by guest on July 23, 2018 Downloaded from 33 or 42 15 *In subsequient studies increased to next larger size. tAs specified by a certain supplier; in resality measures deviated 0-2 cm.
doi:10.1161/01.cir.54.2.319 pmid:939029 fatcat:bif6xbo3ivg5xmrnbg6n2ku5ua