English Professional Curriculum Reform from the Perspective of Students' Needs under the Background of Socialization of NMET

Junling Yan
2018 Proceedings of the 2017 7th International Conference on Education and Management (ICEM 2017)   unpublished
Under the background of socialization of NMET, college English major courses also need to adjusted to a certain degree. To meet students' needs, universities should add in appreciation courses to cultivate students' innovation and enhance students' ability of listening and speaking. On teachers' guidance work, teachers should arouse students' enthusiasm in class, inspire students' divergent thinking and strengthen students' self-confidence. Use the reform of college English professional courses
more » ... to cope with the changes of the social needs of the reform of socialization of NMET in order to cultivate talents with comprehensive ability so that they can better serve the society and meet the needs of the society. Since the implementation of the college entrance examination system, according to China's actual national conditions and personnel training, in constant exploration and study, in order to improve examinees comprehensive quality and improve China's comprehensive national strength, our country has been in constant reform of college entrance examination system. In recent years, much attention has been paid to English college entrance examination system. In the third plenary session of the communist party of China 18, the suggestion is that we should explore English university entrance exam for social tests. Social examination refers to students from the school system, through social institutions to participate in the examination. They can take an examination of more in order to get the best result which is included in the university entrance exam grades. The system reform is both an opportunity and a challenge for college English teaching and development. Under the background of socialization of NMET, university English major curriculum not only needs keeping pace with the times, to a certain reform, but also meets students' needs [1] . To really implement this, we must be from students' perspective to explore and analyze their potential advantages and disadvantages in the face of socialization of NMET [2] . Through a certain curriculum adjustment, cultivate new talents with all-round development so as to meet social demands [3] .
doi:10.2991/icem-17.2018.59 fatcat:4ptszd4xy5edjbf65fh2oyse6e