Анализ трудностей интеграции психологического знания

В. А. Мединцев
In scientific-psychological discourses on the of psychological knowledge integration, not enough attention is paid to the obstacles that arise when developing the integration methodology. It is possible to take into account many factors that make integration research difficult, as well as the possible implementation of an integration project in the future, only when using a system description for a large number of processes in which psychological knowledge is developed. The article offers a
more » ... rticle offers a variant of the system analysis for the psychological knowledge integration obstacles, based on a set-theoretic description for the processes stud-ied in psychology. The causes and sources of these obstacles and their elimination are conceptualized.
doi:10.24411/2616-6860-2020-10003 fatcat:vkgmj3uypjch7ooqvrkr6fve7y