Deformation Behavior at Elevated Temperature and Processing Maps of Flange Blanks on Casting-rolling Compound Forming Technology

Fangcheng QIN
2016 Journal of Mechanical Engineering  
Abstract:Casting-rolling compound forming technology of ring-shaped parts has significant advantages such as shortening production process, efficient, saving materials and energy. The deformation behavior and microstructure evolution mechanism are studied for as-cast ring billet during casting-rolling compound forming, and has becoming the key to realize forming and performance of the materials. The compression tests of Q235B flange blanks from sand casting and centrifugal casting are conducted
more » ... under different conditions. The variation of flow stresses is analyzed and the constitutive equations are derived. The processing maps are constructed by considering the effects of temperature and strain rate on microstructure and performance based on dynamic materials model. The experimental results show that the flow stress of these two materials increases with increasing strain rate and decreasing temperature. The level of the stress of flange billet for centrifugal casting is low and the dynamic recrystallization is easy to occur. Both the value and the variation of efficiency of power dissipation for centrifugal casting are higher than that of sand casting. It indicates the severe microstructure change and sufficient evolution in centrifugal casting billet. The rolling parameters are achieved by combined with the processing maps and the microstructure of typical areas identified from these maps. The centrifugal casting can provide high-quality materials for casting-rolling compound forming technology.
doi:10.3901/jme.2016.04.045 fatcat:tccrmwcdhzd4bp6w2mf25gptfu