Model of blood flow along the arterial bed, taking into account the bioactivity of the vessel wall
Модель руху крові по артеріальному руслу з урахуванням біоактивності стінки судин

O. Solovjova, N. Kizilova
2019 Vìsnik Kiïvsʹkogo nacìonalʹnogo unìversitetu ìmenì Tarasa Ševčenka. Serìâ Fìziko-matematičnì nauki  
The modification of a two-dimensional model of incompressible viscous fluid motion along a deformed thick-walled tube from viscoelastic bioactive material is proposed in connection to the modeling of blood flow along the arterial bed is proposed. The motion of a viscous incompressible fluid is described by a system of equations including the Navier-Stokes equations and the continuity equation. The behavior of the tube wall material is described by a 5-element rheological model with one active
more » ... l with one active element. The solution of the problem is solved setting boundary conditions on the interface of the two media, the outer surface of the tube is considered as non-moving. At the end of the tube, a zero-dimensional Frank model with regulation is considered, as a model of the microcirculatory bed. The dispersion equation for the propagation of wave velocity is obtained for the case of active properties of tube, the amplitudes of fluid velocities, wall displacements, and fluid and tube pressures. Numerical computations have been carried out for the model parameters corresponded to the normal and pathological arterial wall.
doi:10.17721/1812-5409.2019/2.11 fatcat:zimxu4k3iffznlc7fsmkuwpk4q