Optomechanical Transducers for Long-Distance Quantum Communication

K. Stannigel, P. Rabl, A. S. Sørensen, P. Zoller, M. D. Lukin
2010 Physical Review Letters  
We describe a new scheme to interconvert stationary and photonic qubits which is based on indirect qubit-light interactions mediated by a mechanical resonator. This approach does not rely on the specific optical response of the qubit and thereby enables optical quantum interfaces for a wide range of solid state spin and charge based systems. We discuss the implementation of quantum state transfer protocols between distant nodes of a large scale network and evaluate the effect of the main noise
more » ... ources on the resulting state transfer fidelities. For the specific examples of electronic spin qubits and superconducting charge qubits we show that high fidelity quantum communication protocols can be implemented under realistic experimental conditions.
doi:10.1103/physrevlett.105.220501 pmid:21231374 fatcat:t6a6hc75gjes3enj4ro562snce