Characterization of DNA-carbon nanotube hybrids by their van Hove singularities

Vadim I. Puller, Slava V. Rotkin, Akhlesh Lakhtakia, Sergey A. Maksimenko
2006 Nanomodeling II  
The optical dichroism which appears in the nanotube-DNA hybrid is studied within a phenomenological approach. Naturally non-chiral nanotubes may acquire a chiral optical response when wrapped by the DNA helix. The hybrids of the DNA and the metallic nanotubes are discussed in conjunction with the possible gap opening and the subsequent arising of a pair of van Hove singularities close to the Fermi point. Polarized light absorption experiments are proposed to find the predicted effect.
doi:10.1117/12.681050 fatcat:veuzerb525h2vbjaq7ue5xpk7q