J. Mcdunnough PH. D.
1921 Canadian Entomologist  
Fcutellum yellow with a complete border of black, slightly over twice as wide as j011g. Abdomen slightly shining black, finely scrobiculate; first and second segments fused, with short black pile on the disc and el lo wish pile on the sides; on the si'des with an elongate yellow triangle reaching almost to the yellow hind margin, the inner points well separated. Apices of the two following segments increasingly broadly ell ow, the ell ow on the fourth segment occupying nearly one-third the
more » ... nt, its anterior angle being bi-convex on each side of the median notch; pile yellow; on each side of the third and fourth segments a moderately prominent gray pollinose stripe reaching from near the median anterior nortion of the segment to a point ?bout one-third from the apex and one-fniirth from the lateral margins. Hypopygium black, with black pile. I n outline the abdomen is slightly narrowed to the apex of the first segment, thence graduall\~ widened to the apex of the fourth, where it is about the same width as at the base. The fif,th s'egmeilt and hypopygium are almost concealed by the fourth 2egrnent. Legs reddish yellow, the last two or three tarsi joints brownish; apical half of hind femora and a broad pre-apical band o :~ the hind tibiae brownish. Wings ?ale brownish aiiteriorly, hya!Gle posteriorly. Holotype, male, "Fallr~: i.ezl;-L. iixhoe, Cal., !:lly 15, 1915," (E. C Van Dyke,) in the Museum of tlic Californin Academy of Sciences.
doi:10.4039/ent53176-8 fatcat:z4vg5skoerdqvaa4cjwtfb3ppq