pMSE Mechanism: Differentially Private Synthetic Data with Maximal Distributional Similarity [article]

Joshua Snoke, Aleksandra Slavković
2018 arXiv   pre-print
We propose a method for the release of differentially private synthetic datasets. In many contexts, data contain sensitive values which cannot be released in their original form in order to protect individuals' privacy. Synthetic data is a protection method that releases alternative values in place of the original ones, and differential privacy (DP) is a formal guarantee for quantifying the privacy loss. We propose a method that maximizes the distributional similarity of the synthetic data
more » ... ive to the original data using a measure known as the pMSE, while guaranteeing epsilon-differential privacy. Additionally, we relax common DP assumptions concerning the distribution and boundedness of the original data. We prove theoretical results for the privacy guarantee and provide simulations for the empirical failure rate of the theoretical results under typical computational limitations. We also give simulations for the accuracy of linear regression coefficients generated from the synthetic data compared with the accuracy of non-differentially private synthetic data and other differentially private methods. Additionally, our theoretical results extend a prior result for the sensitivity of the Gini Index to include continuous predictors.
arXiv:1805.09392v1 fatcat:djlkzqzdvfecva23yy5jicuova