Wild medicinal plants of Lawat village Neelum valley Azad Kashmir, Pakistan and their uses in ethnomedicine [article]

Shabir Ijaz, Anjum Perveen, Saima Ashraf, Shazia Kousar, Asia Bibi, Nosheen Azhar
2019 unpublished
Neelum valley has huge wealth in medicinal plants because of its unique geographical location and also provides baseline for the upcoming pharmacological research applications. This study was conducted in Lawat village Neelum Valley, Azad Kashmir to document wild medicinal Flora and their folk medicinal uses. An open-ended, free listening, questionnaires and personal observations survey was conducted. Besides, the quantitative investigations were made by calculated informant consensus factor
more » ... F), use value (UV) and Jaccard index (JI). A 41 plants belonging to 36 Genera and 26 families were documented which are commonly used by indigenous people to treat diseases categorized into 16 types. The highest contribution of plants 34% was recorded for GIT category followed by body energizer (24%), respiratory infection (22%), Antiseptic (20%), purifying and Body ache (17%), fever (12%), neuromuscular disorders (10%), liver disease (7%), skin disease, sexual disorders, cardiac disease, abdominal disorders and urinary disorders (5%), eye disease and bone fracture (2%). Root is frequently used part while decoction was the commonly used method of oral administration. The maximum informant consensus factor (1.00) was recorded for the bone fracture. High use value was recorded (0.85) for the species Taraxacum oblongatum, Maximum relative frequency of citation (ICF) 0.83 was calculated for body energizers indicated the local importance of each species in a study area. For pursuing and documenting the indigenous knowledge this study was compared with 19 previously published studies at national and international scales. People of Lawat village still rely on wild medicinal plants for their primary health care needs. Harvesting of root part is a serious threat to the conservation of medicinal Flora.
doi:10.13140/rg.2.2.16576.89608/1 fatcat:k6ldtbwyf5bnlkv5bzcdjlxbvy