Code Size Reduction in Embedded Systems with Redesigned ISA for RISC Processors

Govindarajalu B, K. M. Mehata
2013 International Journal of Computer Applications  
Reducing the size of a program is a major goal in modern embedded systems. Large code occupies more space in the Chip and also causes higher power consumption because of increased memory traffic. In this paper, a revised architecture is proposed for embedded processors by replacing the Loadstore Architecture with Register-Memory Architecture for selected instructions. Analysis of RISC object code for Embedded Applications, using an offline tool developed by the authors, establishes the scope
more » ... a new class of processor exclusively for embedded applications. We have used this tool to simulate Register-Memory Architecture for MIPS processor. Based on the results, MIPS processor's instruction set is enhanced with 12 new instructions of Register-Memory Architecture. Experimental results for MiBench Benchmark programs with Register-Memory Architecture Simulation reveal that code size reduction up to 22% can be achieved with modified MIPS Architecture. This is also applicable for microMIPS processor that claims 35% code space saving with 16-bit instructions, thus offering a total of over 55% code space reduction compared to MIPS32 Architecture, for embedded systems. Equivalent memory reduction achieved is very significant for Embedded Systems built using SOCs. Processor design modifications, required at microarchitecture level, are also identified. Other additional features that can be combined with Register-Memory Architecture for an efficient embedded processor are identified.
doi:10.5120/10690-5594 fatcat:kjleqjsnbbdyfgssp3wdjezfni