Exporting American Racial Reasoning: The Value of Thinking in Racial Terms [post]

Andrea Voyer, Anna Lund
2020 unpublished
How does one research racial categorizations and the identities and exclusions that accompany those categorizations while remaining sensitive to context? And how does one engage the social reality of racial categorizations and the history of racialized exclusions without falling into the trap of race essentialism? Drawing broadly upon the literature on race and ethnicity, Voyer and Lund argue that American racial reasoning offers a view of the dynamics of social inequality that are otherwise
more » ... ficult to grasp. American racial reasoning looks for the symbolic construction of otherness, legitimating ideology, perceptibility factors, institutionalized practices, and group identities. By applying American racial reasoning to questions of immigration in Sweden, Voyer and Lund demonstrate the potential analytical value of American racial reasoning when it comes to understanding persistent social inequality and exclusion even when explicit racial categories are not in wide use.
doi:10.31235/osf.io/knq2w fatcat:du3xda36efdijmwdr5ll3hzisi