Planar LIF/Mie Ratio Droplet Sizing Using Structured Laser Sheet Imaging at Elevated Ambient Pressures

Andrew Corber, Wajid Chishty, Patrizio Vena
2019 unpublished
LIF/Mie ratio-metric imaging was used to characterize sprays produced by a simple hollow-cone pressure atomizer, operating under elevated ambient pressures up to 10 atm. A structured laser sheet was used as the source of illumination to suppress the multiple scattered light, generating images that are free of the artefacts typically found in conventional laser sheet images. The resulting LIF/Mie ratio-metric images were calibrated using Phase Doppler anemometry to generate axial planar maps of
more » ... ial planar maps of the spray's Sauter-mean diameter (SMD). This calibration methodology was applied over a range of ambient pressures and liquid flows to assess the robustness of the structured LIF/Mie ratio-metric imaging as a droplet sizing technique. The test fluids consisted of conventional and alternative jet fuels as well as nozzle calibration fluid. Results presented in the paper indicate both the effectiveness and certain limitations of the technique.
doi:10.33737/gpps19-tc-048 fatcat:tusf3jpzgzco3ixhpsxgqfphhy