Heavy colored resonances in $ t\bar t + {\text{jet}} $ at the LHC

Paola Ferrario, Germán Rodrigo
2010 Journal of High Energy Physics  
The LHC is the perfect environment for the study of new physics in the top quark sector. We study the possibility of detecting signals of heavy color-octet vector resonances, through the charge asymmetry, in top-antitop+jet events. Besides contributions with the top-antitop pair in a color-singlet state, the asymmetry gets also contributions which are proportional to the color factor f_abc^2. This process is particularly interesting for extra-dimensional models, where the inclusive charge
more » ... try generated by Kaluza-Klein excitations of the gluon vanishes at the tree level. We find that the statistical significance for the measurement of such an asymmetry is sizable for different values of the coupling constants and already at low energies.
doi:10.1007/jhep02(2010)051 fatcat:oeijo7hg5bfmrac6lqtxzktivy