Recent Progress in Therapeutics

1877 Boston Medical and Surgical Journal  
rangement of the stomach, probably because there is vomiting and because imprudence in diet is an exciting cause of an attack ; but other disturbing influences, as severe mental application, loss of sleep, etc., may cause an attack independently of all imprudence in diet. Thus a patient who had been troubled with attacks of vertigo, sometimes with vomiting, often with nausea, found that attacks were caused by eating fried food, sitting up late, attending concerts, a strong wind from a certain
more » ... nd from a certain point of the compass, noises, a bright sun, and by looking at certain motions as that of the waves. There was a similarity to epilepsy in the attacks, but a stronger resemblance to migraine. There was apparently no indigestion ; between the attacks the health was excellent; there was no heart-burn, no acidity of stomach, no flatulence. Remedies directed to improving the digestive powers did little or no good ; strychnia seemed to aggravate the condition ; bromide of potassium alone, or combined with the iodide, and blistering the back of the -1
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