The Design of a Multi-bit Quantization Sigma-delta Modulator

Tong Ziquan, Yang Shaojun, Jiang Yueming, Dou Naiying
2013 International Journal of Signal Processing, Image Processing and Pattern Recognition  
Sigma-delta ACD has two main parts: analog modulator and digital filter, the performance of modulator determines the performance of sigma-delta ADC, so the design of modulator is very important. The paper introduces the principle of sigma-delta AD modulator with high accuracy and the applied over sampling technique, noise shaping technique and multi-bit quantizer technique. Determining the design scheme of modulator-three bits three orders CIFF(Cascade of integrators, feed forward form)
more » ... rward form) structure, and it makes the behavior level verification for this scheme by Simulink tool in MATLAB. The simulation result shows that multi-bit quantizer modulator can get very high SNR, and based on this result it designs every part of the modulator circuit. largely improve the SNR, the attendant problems have emerged, such as the stability and complexity of circuit, and so on [5] . These problems are also serious in low voltage and low power circuits at present. Therefore, the multi-bit sigma-delta modulator will be the market mainstream because of the performance advantage and wide application prospect [6] .
doi:10.14257/ijsip.2013.6.5.24 fatcat:2zjasc7hsnd27c4dgnqm3ukvo4