Национальная инновационная система в условиях дестабилизации экономики

Сажина Муза Аркадьевна, Ильина Анастасия Алексеевна
The emerging vulnerability of national economies requires timely action during the transformation of the macroeconomic equilibrium. This article examines the national innovation system as a lever of influence on the innovative economic growth of the national economy. The pandemic caused by the new coronavirus infection COVID-19 is analyzed as a special form of economic crisis, the impact of the pandemic on the global economy is described. The article contains an overview of international
more » ... nternational theoretical approaches and legislative initiatives for the functioning of national innovation systems; it is concluded that there is no legal framework that meets modern requirements in the implementation of the national innovation system in Russia and the importance of government instruments for regulating the national innovation system. As a result of the foreign innovation rating results analysis, it is proposed to introduce a regional innovation index to assess the innovation activity of regions and its constituent industries, to ensure regional partnership in the process of building an effective national innovation system; the government instruments of the national innovation system regulation are marked. The main conclusion of this work is that it is important to consider the current crisis as an opportunity for active integration of participants in innovation processes and that there is need for close attention from the government for the benefit of building a national innovation system. The theoretical basis for this article was scientific publications within the framework of the topic under consideration. The information and empirical basis consists of domestic and foreign works, normative, statistical and analytical documents. As theoretical research methods, the article uses synthesis, generalization, specification. Empirical methods used — deductive method, statistical analysis, comparison, interpretation. The practical significance of this scientific study lies in the application of the methodology for the national i [...]
doi:10.24412/2070-1381-2021-84-109-128 fatcat:obbmsdqo5zed5dpoedjv6mil7y