Implementation of the Six Channel Redundancy to achieve fault tolerance in testing of satellites [article]

H. S. Aravinda, H. D. Maheshappa, Ranjan Moodithaya
2010 arXiv   pre-print
This paper aims to implement the six channel redundancy to achieve fault tolerance in testing of satellites with acoustic spectrum. We mainly focus here on achieving fault tolerance. An immediate application is the microphone data acquisition and to do analysis at the Acoustic Test Facility (ATF) centre, National Aerospace Laboratories. It has an 1100 cubic meter reverberation chamber in which a maximum sound pressure level of 157 dB is generated. The six channel Redundancy software with fault
more » ... olerant operation is devised and developed. The data are applied to program written in C language. The program is run using the Code Composer Studio by accepting the inputs. This is tested with the TMS 320C 6727 DSP, Pro Audio Development Kit (PADK).
arXiv:1005.0959v1 fatcat:c3tpid6r7jb33i3tub2kikoksm