Experimental investigations in vertical vibration damping of agricultural aggregate of block-modular type

Volodymyr Bulgakov, Volodymyr Kuvachov, Semjons Ivanovs, Viktor Melnyk
2021 20th International Scientific Conference Engineering for Rural Development Proceedings   unpublished
Under conditions of real operation of block-modular aggregates continuous oscillations of external disturbances lead to a decrease in their technical and operational indicators and an increase in specific fuel consumption per unit of the work performed. Evaluation of the performance indicators of a block-modular agricultural aggregate, based on the MTZ-82 serial tractor with a technological module was carried out on the basis of laboratory-field research on ploughing cereal stubble. These
more » ... igations were performed by means of a strain gauge measuring complex that recorded signals on a PC, using an analogue-to-digital converter. The results obtained were processed in the Matlab program. Creation of a rational elastic-damping connection between the tractor and the technological module allows obtaining the desired amplitude-frequency and correlation-spectral characteristics of vertical oscillations of a modular agricultural aggregate, reducing the dispersion of the torque oscillations on the tractor power take-off shaft by 10 times. An elastic-damping connection between the tractor and the technological module with a drag coefficient of 1.65 kN•s•m -1 on ploughing has made it possible to reduce by 3-4 times the dispersion of vertical vibrations of the block-modular aggregate, to increase its performance by 6%.
doi:10.22616/erdev.2021.20.tf136 fatcat:5x7rlzgnrfa73l3whi3qlqcnxm