Issue 2, xi-xvii AAHE At-A-Glance / Californian Journal of Health Promotion

Susan Russell
2005 Californian Journal of Health Promotion   unpublished
The California Distance Learning Health Network (CDLHN), recipient of a 2005 AAHE Distinguished Serve Award, is a non-profit organization under the San Diego State University Graduate School of Public Health, is a leader in distance learning for public and private healthcare workers and a strong advocate for increasing immunization rates throughout California and the nation. CDLHN also collaborates with organizations nationally and internationally to educate the public on important healthcare
more » ... ortant healthcare and immunizations issues. When CDLHN was established in 1995, only three of the 61 California local health departments had satellite receiving equipment. Today, all 61 are equipped. The primary goal of CDLHN is to produce, promote, and provide distance learning opportunities on health care and related issues throughout California, across the nation, and around the world through venues such as satellite broadcast, webcast, CD/DVD and VHS; and to foster collaborations between health organizations and distance learning educators that lead to improved healthcare and quality of life. In 1995, CDLHN and the California Department of Health Services Immunization Branch (CA DHS) identified satellite broadcasts as a tool that provides efficient, cost-effective, and convenient training for healthcare providers. In addition, CDLHN is committed to furthering worthwhile collaborations that provide useful vaccine information and education, improve communication, increase immunization rates, reduce disparities, and promote immunization awareness, preventive medicine, and healthy lifestyles. Inherent in the mission of CDLHN is a model of working collaboratively with various stakeholders to improve the general health and welfare of the community through education, outreach, technology, and communication. Together, these collaborations communicate the importance of disease prevention through immunizations and education.