A simple method for constructing magnetic Escherichia coli [article]

Yong-jun Lu, Mengyi Sun
2014 bioRxiv   pre-print
Magnetic force can serve as an ideal way to control the spatial behavior of microorganisms, because of its flexibility and penetrability. By incubation with the biocompatible compound, ammonium ferric citrate, as an iron source, we magnetized Escherichia coli, the most programmable chassis in synthetic biology. To enhance the magnetization efficiency, the ferritin protein, FtnA, from E. coli was cloned and overexpressed in strain BL21(DE3). The magnetization effect was observed within 30 min
more » ... er harvest of bacteria, and the concentration of ammonium ferric acid used could be as low as 0.5 mM. Using different shapes of magnetic fields, different patterns could be generated easily. Our method may set up the foundation for a rational design of spatial structure of cell communities, which is important for their actual application.
doi:10.1101/010249 fatcat:iijcvkjzkjettfd7nquddxpsta